Healing from the Inside

Dr. Sue Aery of Aery Chiropractic & Acupuncture has a passion for learning and for sharing that education with everyone she meets.

King of Pops

Dr. Alexander Anderson, a breakfast innovator and true Renaissance man, settled into a rewarding life in Highlands.
Abbi Casper, Ivy Fielding and Jade Fielding

Take Your Licks

Throughout its sweet, sweet history, ice cream has been treasured by kings and commoners.
Volunteer Spotlight: Cindy Trevathan

Reach Farther

Cindy Trevathan’s strong advocacy has made REACH of Macon County a force of progress in two counties.

Photo by Kevin FitzPatrick

Stream Bugs: Health Indicators

Nine volunteers answered the call to survey the health of a Scaly Mountain Stream.

Owners Karina Schildhauer-Dionne and Scott Grainger

A Bed of Your Dreams

With Blue Ridge Bedding’s exciting expansion, owner Scott Grainger proves he isn’t taking things lying down.


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Workouts for Mind, Body, & Spirit
Published on
2017/07 - July
Throughout the seasons, the Mountain Laurel Tennis Club lies at the heart of its members’ healthy lifestyles.  more
You Grow, Girls!
Published on
2017/07 - July
The Laurel Garden Club is a dynamic force in the community, as evidenced by the beautiful look of the Peggy Crosby Center.  more
Your Private Luxury Estate
Published on
2017/07 - July
This magnificent 73-acre estate is a kingdom unto itself just outside of Cashiers.  more
Your Quality Go-To
Published on
2017/07 - July
In true Highlands style, 4th Street Market takes the concept of the “convenience store” to a much higher level.  more
Joy Garden Tour
Published on
2017/07 - July
The Joy Garden Tour celebrates a quintet of vibrant gardens, complete with ticketed events, luncheons and lectures.  more
Kitchen Tour
Published on
2017/07 - July
Highlands’ most exclusive kitchens, from charming to cutting edge, are celebrated at the Laurel Garden Club’s Kitchen Tour, Saturday, August 19. For tickets or more information, visit laurelgardenclubhighlands.com.   more
Food Pantry Benefits
Published on
2017/01 - Winter
A generous community and the Highlands Food and Wine Festival ensure The Food Pantry of Highlands makes it through the winter.  more
Collective Spirits
Published on
2017/04 - April
The Bascom’s Collective Spirits celebration, set for June 8-10, offers new twists on this Plateau favorite − the unofficial start of the Highlands Season.  more
Panoramic Views
Published on
2017/01 - Winter
The view from the top is complemented by this gorgeous home predicated on comfort.  more
Volunteer Spotlight Linda Parrish
Published on
2016/12 - December
For volunteer Linda Parrish, service at The Gathering Table is a labor of love.  more