Blue Star Ranch

Blue Star Ranch offers carefully guided courses of discovery using a variety of techniques and coaches, including equines.

Revisiting the Bartram Trail

The hushed portion of the Bartram Trail from Jones Gap to Whiterock Mountain is generous in its sublime wonders to those who take the time to notice.

Never Too Hot for Smallmouth

During the Dog Days, while trout take a summer sabbatical, Smallmouth Bass take the spotlight in an explosive manner.
Ovenbird photo by Glenn Bartley

The Oven Bird

A message for our time and our place, courtesy of the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society.

Warrior Survival School

Overland Unlimited Bridge of Hope finds a welcome home in the Peggy Crosby Center.


Whether you want to tackle a mountain or sit by a stream, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. This is a premier golf destination, but there’s so much more available. There are streams to fish, public pools and tennis courts to enjoy and playgrounds, too. Winter sports include ice skating, skiing, tubing and hiking.

Pete and his feathered friends

Outdoor Activities Results

After Hours Farm
Cashiers, NC
Country Club of Sapphire Valley
Sapphire, NC
Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center
Scaly Mountain, NC