Winter Photo Cover Contest

We’re already planning our 2018 Winter Edition, and we’re saving a place for you.

Winter Vitamin Salad

Sunny, sweet and packed with goodness, this simple salad is the perfect tonic for listless winter days.

A Highlands Skate of Mind!

The Ice Rink at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park is unveiled in all its wintry glory this season.

Nature’s Own Tree Ornament

Its bold scarlet splash of color amidst a gray forest landscape has made the Cardinal a beloved Plateau resident.

A Beautiful Challenge

There’s no respite in the level of care given to the animals of the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society, despite a winter’s pause in adoptions.


Ask anyone who lives on the Plateau and they’ll eagerly tell you why all four seasons are glorious! Winter views, spring wildflowers, summer hikes and waterfalls, and autumn leaves. There is something here that speaks to the heart of the nature lover all year long. Wiinter activities take on a magical quality. Spring and summer months bring bounteous blooms. Apples, glowing leaves, and craft fairs are here during autumn. Search below for seasonal favorites.

Seasons Results

A Bite of the Big Apple
Published on
2016/05 - May
A Blizzard Warmed Our Hearts
Published on
Gentle, patient Blizzard is waiting for a happy ending to a tale fraught with peril.  more
A Bold Portfolio
Published on
2015/05 - May
A Can’t Miss Season
Published on
2016/04 - April
The Highlands Performing Arts Center brings a dynamic new energy to its performance calendar.  more
A Case of the Flue
Published on
2016/07 - July
Photo right is of the chimney that master mason Hanse McCall built for Highlands’s cofounder Samuel Kelsey in 1875. Kelsey’s house burned in 1976, but the 141-year-old chimney remains, as sturdy as when it was built. Seated in the fireplace is Kelsey’s 4-greats granddaughter, Sky Campbell from California. Courtesy of the Highlands Historical Society.  more
A Cinematic Anniversary
Published on
2015/12 - December
Highlands Playhouse ushers in the holiday season with a host of first-run movies for every audience.  more
A Colorful Partnership
Published on
2015/05 - May
The Art League of Highlands-Cashiers and The Bascom work together for a beautiful plateau.  more
A Community Adopted
Published on
2016/06 - June
A Curvy Climb
Published on
2016/09 - September
The storied Monte-Vista occupies a central position in local Cashiers history.  more
A Doctor’s Passion
Published on
2016/01 - Winter
A deeper understanding of our wellness reveals the extraordinary power of healthy eating.  more