Winter Photo Cover Contest

We’re already planning our 2018 Winter Edition, and we’re saving a place for you.

Winter Vitamin Salad

Sunny, sweet and packed with goodness, this simple salad is the perfect tonic for listless winter days.

A Highlands Skate of Mind!

The Ice Rink at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park is unveiled in all its wintry glory this season.

Nature’s Own Tree Ornament

Its bold scarlet splash of color amidst a gray forest landscape has made the Cardinal a beloved Plateau resident.

A Beautiful Challenge

There’s no respite in the level of care given to the animals of the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society, despite a winter’s pause in adoptions.


Ask anyone who lives on the Plateau and they’ll eagerly tell you why all four seasons are glorious! Winter views, spring wildflowers, summer hikes and waterfalls, and autumn leaves. There is something here that speaks to the heart of the nature lover all year long. Wiinter activities take on a magical quality. Spring and summer months bring bounteous blooms. Apples, glowing leaves, and craft fairs are here during autumn. Search below for seasonal favorites.

Seasons Results

The Lush Ligularia
Published on
2016/06 - June
Bashful Ligularia puts on a spectacular show if given the chance in local gardens.  more
The Merry Merry Month
Published on
2016/05 - May
Merry May is a dizzying kaleidoscope of color and a season of friskiness among local flora and fauna.  more
The Plucky Perching Birds of March
Published on
2016/03 - March
With the advent of warmer weather, our local songbirds are making their joyful presence known.  more
The Seed With a Family Tree
Published on
2016/05 - May
The generous Lupins lend an elegant look to gardens around the world while also making appearances in cherished recipes.   more
The Wheel Deal
Published on
2016/03 - March
The 24th edition of the Tour de Cashiers, set for May 14, tests the mettle of beginning and very, very serious cyclists. For information or registration, visit  more
Three River Fly Fishing Festival
Published on
2017/03 - March
The Three River Fly Fishing Festival, slated for April 27-29 upon local waterways, will test the angling abilities and story-telling skills of both serious and amateur fisherpeople. To register or for more information, call (828) 526-0441 or email  more
Your Favorite Hike?
Published on
2015/03 - March
We invite you to vote in our next poll - “Favorite spot for a moderate hike.” Readers can vote on   more