Calling All Gardeners

Local gardeners can boost the fortunes of The Food Pantry of Highlands and the larders of their neighbors.
Photo by Peter Ray

Billowing Azaleas

The showy azalea is a natural for a landscaped yard, but it really shines in the wild forest.

Candid Critters

Cashiers Library offers a chance to get to know your shy, furry neighbors.


Ask anyone who lives on the Plateau and they’ll eagerly tell you why all four seasons are glorious! Winter views, spring wildflowers, summer hikes and waterfalls, and autumn leaves. There is something here that speaks to the heart of the nature lover all year long. Wiinter activities take on a magical quality. Spring and summer months bring bounteous blooms. Apples, glowing leaves, and craft fairs are here during autumn. Search below for seasonal favorites.

Seasons Results

Groovin’ on The Green
Published on
2016/07 - July
The Groovin’ on the Green series, Cashiers’ joyful party in the heart of the community, heats up July.  more
HBS Summer Preview
Published on
2016/01 - Winter
Plan now for a year’s worth of fun and learning thanks to the Highlands Biological Station’s ambitious event calendar.  more
Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream
Published on
2016/08 - August
Who says this isn’t the Age of Miracles? Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream!  more
Home-grown. Hand-sewn.
Published on
2016/07 - July
For an unmistakable taste of small town life, visit the Highlands Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 8:00 A.M. to noon at Kelsey-Hutchinson Park.  more
Humane Heroes
Published on
2016/08 - August
Dogs, cats and the people who love them are at the center of the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society’s A Celebration of Humane Heroes, Tuesday, August 30, at 5:30 P.M. at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn.  more
Join the Parade!
Published on
2016/12 - December
Packed with charm and enthusiasm, the Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade, set for 11:00 A.M. Saturday, December 3, sets the tone for the entire holiday season.  more
Published on
Ladybugs have been introduced from Asia by organic gardeners to be a biological control measure against aphids, mealy bugs, mites and other soft-bodied insects.  more
Lake Glenville Fireworks
Published on
2016/07 - July
The mirrored waters of Lake Glenville are the perfect setting for a spectacular fireworks display, dusk on Sunday, July 3.  more
Light Up the Night
Published on
2016/06 - June
The dazzling fireworks display over Lake Glenville set for dusk Sunday, July 3, is a testament to an unshakeable community spirit.  more
Locally Owned and Grown
Published on
2016/04 - April
A local farmer’s co-op offers just-picked produce that’s both healthy and delicious.   more