Avocado, Stuffed with Garbanzo Beans

This flavorful recipe delivers all the simple pleasures promised in a languid summer’s night.


Ask anyone who lives on the Plateau and they’ll eagerly tell you why all four seasons are glorious! Winter views, spring wildflowers, summer hikes and waterfalls, and autumn leaves. There is something here that speaks to the heart of the nature lover all year long. Wiinter activities take on a magical quality. Spring and summer months bring bounteous blooms. Apples, glowing leaves, and craft fairs are here during autumn. Search below for seasonal favorites.

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Toe-Tappin’and Finger-Snappin’
Published on
2017/05 - May
The Highlands summer nightscape comes alive with the Friday Night Live and Saturdays on Pine concert series. The performances are free and everyone is invited.  more
Wake With a Song
Published on
2016/06 - June
For Norma Jean Zahner, sharing the joy in her life is as easy as serenading her audience.  more
Walks & Talks on the Wildside
Published on
2017/07 - July
With Mountain Wildlife Days, set for July 14 and 15, it turns out the Sapphire Valley Community Center is Where the Wild Things Are.  more
Wine and Dine at Canyon Kitchen
Published on
2016/07 - July
Vintner Guy Davis will match Canyon Kitchen Executive Chef Adam Hayes’ astonishing menu for an unforgettable evening, Wednesday, July 13. For more information or reservations visit LonesomeValley.com or call them at (828) 743-7967.   more
Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar
Published on
2016/08 - August
Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar  more
SOAR For More
Published on
2017/05 - May
The Special Operations Adventure Race will benefit the families of wounded and fallen warriors with a set of grueling races on June 10 in Highlands. A fundraising dinner will be held the night before at the Highlands Civic Center. For more information, visit soarhighlands.org.  more